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Instant Wi-Fi

If you travel a lot, you’ve probably encountered a hotel, convention center, or remote office that supplies an Ethernet jack rather than Wi-Fi. That’s generally not a problem. Most notebook computers can handle both types of Internet connections. Sometimes, however, … Continue reading

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Be a Slacker

You may have tried some Internet radio services and decided they aren’t worth the trouble. That’s what I thought until I encountered Slacker. At CES, I spoke with a Slacker representative at the RIM (Research in Motion) booth. I learned … Continue reading

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Versatile Wireless

The i2i Stream was one of the more interesting products I saw this year at CES. Many competing products use Bluetooth’s A2DP profile for their wireless audio, including the Kyocera Wireless Music Gateway, RIM BlackBerry Bluetooth Music Gateway, and Nokia … Continue reading

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Palm Is Back

If you attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), you’ll inevitably be asked at least once during the day, “See anything good?” Or sometimes the question will be, “what’s the best thing you’ve seen so far?” It’s usually not that easy … Continue reading

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