The Sounds of CEATEC

CEATEC sounds

What is it like to walk across a busy tradeshow floor? Apart from the visual stimuli, there’s a rich aural experience, as the various sounds swirl in and out of your hearing range.

You’ll hear company reps touting the latest products, music that swells to a crescendo as presentations reach their peak, and bits of random conversation as you approach one booth after another.

I thought it would be interesting to record just the audio as I walked through one of the convention halls at last week’s CEATEC tradeshow in Japan.

Using a Shure MV88 MOTIV microphone and iPhone 6 Plus, I recorded the audio at 24 bits and 48 kHz. I then converted the file to 16 bits in order to reduce the size for streaming.

Note: Click on the gray “play” icon to listen to the CEATEC walk through. You can click on different points along the gray line to sample portions of the 16 minute and 39 second audio.


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