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Alternate Space

Trying out the new Kaleidoscope theme in the Wizibel 1.4.1 app. I used a music track that I had created three years ago with the Alchemy Mobile app. Both the music and video were recorded on an iPad. I adjusted … Continue reading

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I was doodling around with the moodscaper app on my iPad, and I came up with this tune. There are no edits except to trim some silence at the beginning. I played it straight through using only the moodscaper app … Continue reading

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Musical Tablet

I’ve been playing keyboard instruments since I was eight years old. As you can see from this YouTube video I shot a few nights ago, there have been a few technological advances since then in how to input and manipulate … Continue reading

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Be Aware

You like to listen to music while on the go. But there’s this problem. You can’t hear the world around you with the ear buds blocking your ears. You could place the ear buds loosely in your ears, but then … Continue reading

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This Season, Plant a Snapseed

I’m a big fan of Nik Software’s plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom. In fact, I use Silver Efex Pro 2.0 for most of my black-and-white conversions. When the company announced it was releasing a $4.99 photo-editing app for the iPad, my … Continue reading

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Clear the Clutter

You’ve got umpteen remote controls in your living room, and you always seem to lose the one you need. Sound familiar? We have this problem at our house, and while there are many solutions available that can consolidate your remote … Continue reading

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